Thursday, October 29, 2009

Attandance for 21 Nov Sat Day fishing

1. Warrior 9001
2. Fred
3. Ti§h
4. 萧大侠
5. Diver
6. datitoo

Friday, May 8, 2009

TANJUNG PINANG TRIP 030509 to 060509

DATE/TIME: 030509 - 060509
POND/SEA: Tanjung Pinang
RODS: 11
No.Fishes: 100 plus

Sunday, April 12, 2009

FW3 Thrills

DATE/TIME: 080409
No.Fishes: 7

Reach fw3 around 10plus am.Wah sian lor fish release liao,saw ang kuay being hook up so cheong lar.Went to my usual spot and 1st cast hook on ..was thinking heng arh den suddenly the line break.Reel back and saw leader broken wah sian,shouldnt use a used leader.Nvm rebait and throw same spot and hook on instantly.Fight was gd. Subenqently i got 4 more fish during that hour.1st hour 5 fish was like quite lucky compared to the regular there who got 1 to 2 fish..Subenqently lose 2 to 3 fish due to cut from the drain area and net area.Final score 7 fish.
2 Twn(around 2kg) Ngoh 5 Ack(around 1pluskg)Seems like the best pond i ever visited.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ed Pro Pond

DATE/TIME: 26/03/09
RODS: 01

Went to recce the new operating Ed pro pond and found it was good. Fish caught was quite constant throughout. Caught 7 GPs and 01 3kg sagai which was CNR. Big chos landed by other fishos. Rate: good to go.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

140309 Ah Fong boat

DATE/TIME: 140309/0900
POND/SEA: Changi water(changi naval base area)

Finally we get to go offshore once again.Boatsman is Ah fong.Took around ah hour to to reach changi naval base.Catch was miserable as only 7 pieces was caugth (1ack and 1 grouper caught by ah fong).Weather was fine ,water looks good,current strong(Freddy,Seow,Koon seasick) and bites were poor.First half of the day only 1 small ack caught,towards 1plus caught 1 ack around 2kg follow by 1 500g deep seabass...wait wait wait .....3plus caught 1 900g ack ..wait wait ....4plus up 1 900g ack follow by 1 900g grouper..end of day.Was indeed a boring affair but the guys still had some fun.
Lets wait for our warriors in Thailand to be back for our next Southern island trip.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


DATE/TIME: 0303009
Amo:Live prawns

Since last month night offshore fishing didnt get any chance to go wet my line so decided to give Ah tiong a try but upon reaching there around 9plus saw the cr not very impressive so decided to go pprp to try out my luck.upon reaching there saw quite a few dead fish in the water (anyway they release fish at 12)so haiz was thinking so suay meh..decided to giv fw3 my last option else go home.To my suprise no1 was fishing so went over and check with the operator hows the water coz its been raining cats and dogs for the last few week.Of couese sure say good but theres one thing which interest me which is he say hess gg to release fish at 10(wah i was thinking no1 around i bao ti release den ppl start coming in.For the 1st hour only get 1 ack around 1kg plus and lose 1ack n twn ngoh when pulling fish out of water.Theres this guy keep coming up fish.Was thinking wah pro lor so started to talk to him lor.Told me that this pond fishes are scatter around so told me not to stay put at 1 area.True enough got 1 twn after spot change den came his friend an old uncle(even more pro).Lent him my rod to try his proness and sure enough within 2 mins out came 1 twn nogh.Uncle told me which area twn nogh r normally found and say they come in small group.once u got 1 there dun move continue to stay around and true enough i got 2 more within each prawn change.Fight was gd as all above 1kg.Around 1plus was doing some trolling and piang the fish took off with no lar lang and was thinking is it sagai coz there was 1 sagai up not long b4.fight for around 10mins and the fish surface.wah shiok arh around 2plus kg ACK(never had tt feeling since the keppel event).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Patin hunter and the run away mamas.....

DATE/TIME: 18 02 09
POND/SEA: Farmway 3 CnR
RODS: 2 super light tackle rods for a longer and harder fights
5" Exori Solid Carbon III / Dawai X-fire 1000 10lb braided line,
4"6' Exori Solid Carbon III / Dawai X-fire 1000 10lb fire line

No.Fishes: 1 pink Catfish with pointed tail, 3 patin, 1 koi

After work..... Weather was seriously hot and sunny! We met up and gather at FW3, lazily setting up our rigs and making dough. Setting out lines and lazily waiting for the hook ups. The whole pond was quiet.... I got bored and change to lure... after a few attempts... there was a strong pull follow by a hard let go, I assumed the fish had spit out the lure, not satisfy with the result, cast a few more time and had a hard pull, this time it sped out and I had a great time fighting.... I tot it was a sea bass but upon landing, it was a big cat, but the lure was hooked onto the body....

The Ah neh didnt want to carry it up because he was afraid of being stinged....

After a while, ah koon's 4'6" rod bend, he was quick with the striking and he too, begins his battle. Being on light tackle rod, its so flexible u wont be able to pull in the fish easily, on light reel and line, u cannot tighten ur tension too much or the 10lb line will snap, its really exciting to play along with the fish understanding its nature, aggressiveness, and speed. From understanding, u can play along with the fish. Whats the point of bringing in the fish in less than 2 minutes with a heavy tackle when u waited so looooooong just to hook up a "to-be released" fish....

Rod bent!

Nice patin except for its lips....


After ah koon's show, the pond went dead for the next 2 hours before my rod bend.... I was also quick on setting the hook and after playing with the fish for 5 mins, I felt something was wrong, when a fish stop moving, and u can hardly move it by reeling it in, u know its a heavy fish. From then, I know its going to take at least 1 hour with light tackle..... so 20 mins passed, i started passing my rod, 45 mins passed, a few passing took place and fianally the bugger surfaced twice.... a big mama Chao Phraya, 1hr 15 passed, we even follow the fish 3 quarter around the pond passing to each other over small trees, 1hr 45 mins...... I was holding on while the fish pulls out followed by a hard *Snap*... there goes the main line!! When we turned around, there were a family and 2 pairs of friends supporting.... We thanked them for the support but had to disappoint them for the unfortunate event....

During the entire fight, ah koon's rod landed fish 3 times, it was 2 patin and 1 koi

Double hook!!

Ah koon's 3rd Patin! I took this photo while fighting the Chao Phraya

As we were on our last bait, we refuse to bring up without getting a hook, but we were more or less prepared for nothing, suddenly my rod bend!! I immediately strike my rod to set in the hook and it was pulling very very fast, I told ah koon its either a big pacu or sea bass. It keep pulling across the pond and would swim back very fast, this fish is smart and knows how to unhook itself, when a line loosen with a "de-barbed" hook, its very very easy to unhook..... so each time the line loosen, I would reel back double quick time to tighten back the line.......

20 mins passed, as the fish slowed down... I begin to suspect another Chao Phraya on line..... I passed to ah kooh and we passed around but this time we set the reel with a tighten tension and constantly reeling in and pumping in small angle near 90 degree upright to maximise the tightness of the rod and line... almost 1 hr later, the fish finally surface and it was a smaller Chao Phraya, its looking tired from our aggressive tackle and finally, seeing its not struggling anymore, I hold on my spool to lock it from being dragged by the weight of the fish and bring my rod tip to guide the fish to the right side of the pond so the ah neh could carry the fish up for us to take some good shots............

Monday, February 16, 2009

Proposed March 14 Off shore

We tried to secure a southernisland fishing on the 7th or 14th, but both dates were unavaliable. In the end we had to go ahead with 14th's Changi Fishing.


1. Ti§h
2. 萧大侠
3. Ti§h's friend, Koon
4. Ti§h's friend, Damien
5. Ti§h's friend, Jayson

Friday, February 13, 2009

Punggol Marina Off shore Night fishing

DATE/TIME: 7 feb 09
POND/SEA: Offshore off punggol to changi
RODS: 11
No.Fishes: 30+ cats (releases), 2 AK, 6 Sharks, 1 sweetlips, 3 eel 1(released), 6 small fishies

Pictures are not in sequence....

Its a couple fishing night! Warrior 9001 and DaTiToo couldn't make it as they went sent overseas to work. warrior 5664 and pTui decided to asked their spouse to fill up the empty slots.

When you have a big group, being there late is unavoidable, so eventually we board the boat around 8pm. Left to get baits and then to fishing spots.... It was dark already, so we didnt know where the boatman brought us, but we from the vague scenery, we could tell its changi area.

Everyone onboard heard that fishing during the night was either super low bite rate or biggies. But surprisingly the bite rate was very good this particular night, but alittle unexpected though...

The first spot was the best, the first few hook ups were catfish, then cat after cat after cat, then came along Ang Kuay. But when there were too much of cats, we deicded to shift our spot.

Upon reaching, the first hook up was another CAT!!! and occasionally came a shark, follow by cats and later on came some eels....

The next few spots were almost the same... this night seems to be some cat fishing frenzy.... but all of the cats were released on the spot. The reason why we didnt take any home, was because cats were known for its slimy body and slight stinky odour when cooked. Its best to cook in hot chillie or fried where most malay love.... How eveny one wish this night, the cats could be replaced by groupers......

Other than just fishing, every one managed to get along well with one another, we brought suppers and hot coffee, the night was very quiet and cooling accompanied with a beautiful round moon. We didnt bring home much fish but we had a great time overall.

A long and slim eel, thinking there isn't much meat left after grilling, it was released

some kinda small fish, by pTui

A better eel, entangling itself choking as well....

Sharky by bLuRz

Sharky by Ti§h's friend Raymond

Mr sharky

Sharky by Desmond's spouse

A Sweet Lip


more cats

much more cats

more big cat

more weird cats!!!

more small cats!!

more stubbon cats!!!

more Big Fat CATSS!!!!

more smelly cats!!!!

the CAT in the NET!!!

After releasing 30 over cats of very small to rather big sizes....
these were the left overs....

The sharkies were not released because this is a good size to fry with chillie
The eels were not released because Ti§h is going to grill it

It was a nice trip, the night was cooling and we left for the pier with a nice sun rise hidden behind the gentle clouds....